Reiki & Low Energy Photon Therapy

Integrative treatment options for your pet.

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Animal Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese energy healing system where the practitioner is a conduit for the flow of Universal Energy. With animal reiki, pets are invited into this energetic space of health and relaxation where they may choose to participate in the process of self-healing. Since Reiki is completely non-invasive and requires no physical contact, yet is deeply relaxing, it is an ideal and very rewarding practice to share with our animal friends.

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Low Energy Photon Therapy

Do you or your pet suffer from trypanophobia. . .more commonly known as fear of needles? While most pets tolerate and ultimately come to enjoy acupuncture, there is an even less invasive integrative modality called low energy photon therapy. As the name implies, photons or light particles are utilized to stimulate healing, decrease inflammation and support the immune system on a cellular level. Photon therapy can be used post-operatively over surgical incisions and as part of many treatment protocols for common veterinary conditions such as arthritis and back pain. Scared or shy cats can enjoy the comfort of their familiar carrier (as long as the lid can be removed) and many older, arthritic dogs can relax deeply into the slight warmth and gentle stimulation of this treatment.

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I am available to offer peri-operative Reiki and post-operative low energy photon therapy on surgery days at Orchard Grove Animal Hospital.
It is a privilege to be a part of the pet health care team at Orchard Grove that integrates the best quality conventional care with compassionate holistic care to decrease stress, strengthen the immune system and improve healing for our patients.